Tom Cruise’s Best Movies

After over three decades in the movie business, Tom Cruise has produced dozens of hit movies across a wide number of genres. But which of these movies have stood the test of time and ranks as Cruise’s absolute best work? Let’s take a closer look at Tom Cruise’s best movies!

Minority Report

Cruise played the leading role in this Spielberg directed blockbuster, which successfully blended crime, noir, mystery and action to explore the concept of arresting would be criminals before they committed actual crimes. It is one of the most thoughtful movies of Cruise’s career and requires attention to be paid at all times; however, it rewards the viewer with a thrilling narrative that explores how we view crime and morality.

Mission: Impossible

Apart from Top Gun, Mission: Impossible may well be Cruise’s most iconic role. When the film was released in 1996 it quickly became one of the biggest hits of the year. The movie had a slight James Bond feel to it but with Tom Cruise as a younger and more modern lead. With gripping action and riveting set pieces this film still feels new even twenty years on from its release. Proof of the success of Mission: Impossible can be seen in the fact that a videogame and four sequel movies were subsequently released.

Top Gun

No list of the best Tom Cruise movies would be complete without mentioning Top Gun. Cruise’s role in the film propelled him to the heights of global fame and for many the movie was one of the most symbolic films of the 1980s ever released. With Tony Scott as director and Cruise as the American hero, the film was a massive box office success and is a movie which all Tom Cruise fans should watch and rewatch again! Summary Tom Cruise has produced an incredible range of films over the past thirty or so years.

For us, the best three movies Cruise has starred in are Minority Report, Mission: Impossible and Top Gun. There are many more great movies of his for you to see, though, such as The War of the Worlds.