Insane Shoes That Will Make You Question Your Sense of Fashion

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It’s great to have tons of shoes in your closet. Most women have classic black pumps, high heel sandals, dressy slip-on sneakers, spring/summer espadrilles, sleek rainboots and maybe even combat boots. But all your pairs have one thing in common: they are BORING compared to the shoes you’re about to see.
Check out this pair. Imagine sliding your feet into this wormy footwear. But one things’s for sure: you will be the talk of the crowd at your next dinner party.
You won’t find these shoes at Foot Locker. Or at Finish Line. Or at Shoe Carnival. Not even Macy’s. But all you have to do is Google “bizarre shoes” and you can instantly transform your shoe rack overnight.
I will go ahead and say what everyone else will say to you once you start buying these: “Nice shoes!”
And one more thing… once you get tired of the shoes pictured above, you can simply feed them to your pet bird.
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The Ultimate Self-Defense

This extreme fetish shoe will stop an attacker in his tracks. One good kick to the ooglies and bam! Bye bye attacker.
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Any woman wearing these is sure to make any man’s blood pressure spike.
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C’mon, give this pair of heels a try. Don’t be a chicken!
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Garden of Eden

This shoe is a representation of ‘Eve and the apple’. Can temptation get you to try on a pair of these?
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These Shoes Rock (Literally)

I know that rocking chairs are known to be comfortable but this takes it to a new level.
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Rattle Me This, Batman

How many snakes did it take to manufacture this slimy scaly pair of shoes?
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Raising the Platform

At some point in our lives we’ve complained about how uncomfortable our shoes are. Imagine wearing these babies.
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A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Love the red lipstick. Too bad her chin will have permanent scrape marks.
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Hoop Dreams

The future of shoes has arrived. Now you can walk, slide, glide and roll at the same time.
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The Case of the Missing Heels

It’s uncomfortable enough walking in heels. Imagine walking in shoes without them.
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Sharp “Shoe”-ter

Now women can walk and chop vegetables at the same time.
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Angry Feet

Any woman wearing these should really think about taking an anger management class.
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Geometric Footwear

A simple but clever design using all the fundamentals of geometry. “Wood” you like a pair?
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Metal Shop

Oh, so now I understand what those kids are doing in metal shop rather than attending English class like the rest of the smart kids.
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