Hilarious and Unexpected Comic Book Endings

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Mr. Lovenstein is a genius when it comes to comics. His drawings have funny, but unexpected endings that will make any bad day a little bit brighter. He addresses a variety of topics in his comics that you are sure to relate to.
The artist, whose real name is J.L. Westover, provides comic relief to get you through your work day, a long day or chores or anything else unpleasant. You will laugh out loud at many of them. Here’s to a better day already.
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Just when you are so excited about something, along comes someone who wants to ruin it. This poor guy found exactly the wrong person to talk to online. He takes it pretty well though.
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Sad Man

Faced with your own reflection, you might not like what you see. The best thing to do is carry on and hope for better days ahead. At least he has some soup to enjoy.
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Going Deep

You think this is going to be a cartoon about a father son relationship gone bad. Then you get to the end only to realize Dad was there all the time. Just waiting for the right moment.
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Trick Gone Wrong

We all have that one crazy relative that plays the old “what’s behind your ear” trick. Ever wondered what would happen if there was really something back there. This little girl doesn’t have to wonder anymore.
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Why Not Both?

The robber never saw that one coming. Most people would never choose to give up their life over their money. Some people would sacrifice both.
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Something Bigger

Sometimes all it takes to make a new friend is to say something profound. Soon you’re deep into a philosophical conversation. Keep your mind open – it just might change your life.
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Marriage Proposal

He had such a clever way of proposing to his girlfriend. She took it the wrong way and married the cookie. So funny!
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Failed the Test

It starts out as a fun riddle game. Then it turns sour when she finds out he was asking her to study with him. Tough break.
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Getting robbed is bad enough. Then you’re accused of not caring enough. Poor guy’s day couldn’t get any worse.
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Making New Friends

Making friends as an adult can be difficult. Sometimes, you’ve got to take matters into your own arms. Success!
By the way, the casserole was delicious, and you’re already warming up leftovers. She has to have something on her stomach, right? Even if it doesn’t stay there for more than five minutes.
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