Where Did They Go? Actors Who Tanked After Winning An Oscar

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Winning an Academy Award is supposed to be the crowning achievement of any actor’s career and, the next morning, the mailbox is usually stuffed with scripts. But, for every man or woman who has earned that rare honor and gone on to an even more successful career, there are those who seemed to have been cursed by the success of bagging an Oscar.
“How can that be?” you might ask. Who knows? But, for these 9 Hollywood stars, the “Oscar Curse” struck soon after the stardust of an Academy Award win faded into the dawn of a new day.
Let’s have a look at the roles that got them to Hollywood’s greatest honor. And the parts they played after “that magical night.”
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Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. snagged a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in “Jerry Maguire” which was no mean trick, since both Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise also turned in stellar performances.
But, the “Show me the money!” man should have stuck with Cruise as his talent agent before accepting roles in such turkeys as “Snow Dogs” and “Boat Trip.” It’s only a rumor, though, that says his latest catchphrase is “Show me the door”…
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Renee Zellweger

“Jeopardy” contestants might answer that Renee Zellweger earned her Oscar nod for the “Bridget Jones” character and Alex Trebek would have to pretend to be sad they were so dumb.
As it turns out, Zellweger went on from Bridget Jones to win a Best Supporting Actress for her role in 2003’s civil war epic “Cold Mountain.” Since then? RZ is best known for her drastic decision to have Botox injections. And, oh yeah, “New In Town”…
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Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody electrified the world for his performance in “The Piano” and earned the distinction of becoming the youngest man in history to win a Best Actor Oscar at the tender age of 29.
But his inexperience showed through when he went on to star in such forgettable films as “Wrecked” (aptly released on April Fool’s Day) and “Septembers of The Schnoz.” Oops! That should be “Shiraz.” Sorry…
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Mira Sorvino

Paul Sorvino’s daughter burst onto the Hollywood scene with a stellar performance in Woody Allen’s otherwise mediocre movie “Mighty Aphrodite” for which she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1995.
It turns out, such success seems to come only once for some, as Sorvino has yet to match that early triumph and the only film of note since was the quirky, but sweetly goofy “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” alongside Lisa Kudrow. Maybe she should turn back to playing hookers with a heart of gold?
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Timothy Hutton

Timothy Hutton won his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at just 20 years old in 1980, stealing the show from Mary Tyler Moore, who was a heavy favorite for at least a nomination. So, how did he redeem himself for bagging the spotlight?
By choosing roles in such forgettable films as “The Temp” and “The Last Mimzy.” Maybe he should have played the First?…
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Catherine Zeta Jones

After winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her triple threat turnout in 2002’s “Chicago” Catherine Zeta Jones seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth. And, in a way, she did. By returning to her roots in theater.
More recently, however, she’s tried to recapture that early magic with roles in a wide variety of films such as “Rock Of Ages” and “Playing For Keeps.” So far, it hasn’t worked out. Maybe she should have a button popped off by Zorro’s sword one more time?…
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Roberto Benigni

Italian-born Benigni came to stardom after winning a Best Actor award in 1999 for “Life Is Beautiful” and accepting the award (as Director) for Best Foreign Film.
But it was his next act, climbing over the crowd to accept the second Oscar and bouncing up to the stage like an acrobat to make his acceptance speech, that won him the most attention in the papers the next day.
Truth be told, most audiences (and critics) liked the first clown act much more…
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Halle Berry

Halle Berry struggled as just another beautiful face in Hollywood until she became the first African American woman to win a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in the 2002 romantic drama “Monster’s Ball.”
But, it all seemed to be a fluke as Berry failed to parlay her success and followed up the role in the disastrous “Catwoman” in 2004. The upside? She did win a Razzy for that one. And she didn’t even have to get nekkid…
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Natalie Portman

Harvard graduate Natalie Portman started her career as a juvenile in the outstanding thriller “Leon: The Professional” and went on to play the iconic role as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars saga. She capped those smashing successes by snagging an Oscar as Best Actress in 2010 for “Black Swan.”
Since then, she’s pretty much flopped in films as forgettable as “No Strings Attached”, “Your Highness” and “Thor.”
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