Funniest Ways To Quit Your Job

Some people absolutely hate their job, so if you get offered something better or have the opportunity to leave, why not leave in the funniest way possible? Here are some of the funniest ways to quit your job and move on to brighter, greener pastures.

Quit With a Cake

Baking your boss a cake is sure to go down well right? Even if they have the words “I quit” on them. If you are feeling particularly daring, why not include a picture of yourself giving the finger?

Quite With a Band

Acapella bands are popping up everywhere nowadays, so why not hire one to sing a little medley for your boss? Come up with your own fitting lyrics and it’s guaranteed to be a hit with everyone in the office. Who doesn’t love a band anyway, right?

Quit on Social Media

If you are treated not very well at your job and don’t care about getting a reference, why not make your resignation very public on social media. Tag your company/boss and write whatever you want, ending with “I quit” of course.

Quit by Not Doing Your Work

Whether you create invoices, make burgers or clean toilets. Nothing says I quit like not doing your work. Your boss will likely attempt to fire you and then you can reveal your letter of resignation and get in there first.

Quit and Don’t Tell Them

Quitting by just not turning up when you are suppose to is definitely an option but bare in mind that you probably won’t be paid everything that you are owed, especially if you have left them high and dry.


So there you have it, five of the funniest ways to quit your job that will leave your boss/co-workers thinking your a total bad-ass. Now that you’re out of there, you don’t have to play by their rules anymore and some of these might sound a little mean but they’re guaranteed to get a laugh or two – from you at least.