Funniest Ways to Ask a Girl Out

We hunt. We gather. We breed. But first, we date. The setting may have changed from forests and mountains to towns and skyscrapers, but we love the game. Of course, we always say we hate playing games, but everyone does it… that’s why everyone says it. So what is the best way to lay your trap?

To get that certain someone to look your way and agree to go out with you? It depends on her, of course. You have to find the thing that makes her laugh. If she likes silly humor, send her a pizza with the line “Would you go out with me… or is this too cheesy?”

Passing a note is a classic but I liked the guy who gave me one that said: Will you go out with me?
Yes = Smile
No = Backflip

I had one friend who had a guy she knew walk up to her and say “I’ve been telling people that you are my girlfriend… OK?” She was surprised but she liked him, so she said “OK”. While one-liners and horrible come-ons don’t work for everyone (Can you fix my phone? Your number isn’t in it), if you catcher her in the right mood, you could get her with this: “My next drink is on you”. “Why?” “I saw you and I dropped mine.”

It’s a little daring to use these types of approaches, but if you have good timing and say it with confidence, it’ll make her laugh. Then there is getting her attention online . Just send a note “FYI, my profile pic is a fake, but if you’d like to get to know the real me, I’d like to take you out.” Sometimes the quirky way is the best method. Either way, we date. We play.