Funniest Dog Names

Naming your brand new dog can be a great deal of fun for all involved. Some of us like to take it quite seriously, while others of us like to have a bit of fun with the naming of the new addition to the family. Whether the following names were derived due to the whimsical personality or deep rooted thought or a child’s winning vote, they made the list for this year’s funniest dog names.

Marco Polo

Imagine standing in the yard and hearing someone all out “Marco Polo” and there is no water in sight. For those calling the dog by this name, they will certainly pause between “Marco” and “Polo” due to a chuckle or two.


This is a humorous name due to the fact that dogs and cats rarely see eye to eye. Not to mention, how hysterical is it to watch a person try to hold back laughter as you call upon a Mastiff or a Great Dane or a German Shepherd named “Kitten”.


IT always catches people off guard for them to hear a large muscular dog being called home by the name of “Baby”.


This is a name that is funny simply due to the overwhelming irony behind it.

No, Stop or Stop That

There are owners that choose to name their dogs either “No”, Stop” or Stop That” due to that amount of times they have had to say it to their children or heard it as a child. Although it is not acceptable to name a child these things, it is quite funny to name the family dog these names.


Think of the hilarity that will ensure when a ferocious looking canine is given the light-hearted name of “Giggles”.

Hot Dog

We are all familiar with a certain breed of dog that looks highly similar to a hot dog minus its bun. A great deal of laughter will ensue should you make one a part of the family and name it “Hot Dog”.