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Celebrities Who’ve Had to Bury a Child

Fame is no protection against tragedy. Arguably, it can make things worse. These celebrities have suffered the ultimate tragedy: they've each had children who died too...

Where Did They Go? Actors Who Tanked After Winning An Oscar

Winning an Academy Award is supposed to be the crowning achievement of any actor's career and, the next morning, the mailbox is usually stuffed with scripts. But, for...

Feel Like a Kid Again: The Best Cartoons Of All Time

Animated films and shorts have become very popular with adults. But, at their core, they're still cartoons made for kids. Of every age.

Hakuna Matata! The Lion King Is Coming Back and Promises To Be Better Than Ever!

Hakuna Matata! What else needs to be said? The "Lion King" is back and promises to be than the original. Not only is the 1994 Disney classic back, it's coming back as a...

The Most Amazing Movie Posters of All Time

These poster have to be some of the most awesome posters ever created. These posters are absolutely stunning,Seriously take the time to truly look at these below.

14 Facts About 90s Nickelodeon Shows That Will Affect Your Childhood Memories

Cable TV's Nickelodeon kiddie shows in the 1990s were more popular than the adult broadcast network TV shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. So, naturally, they are looked...

Stars who Kept Their Deadly Disease a Secret

Celebs aren't immune from getting sick and some of them actually have fatal illnesses that they kept a secret from the public for many years.

The Saved By the Bell Cast Today

Saved by the Bell was a popular television show in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Ever wondered what the stars look like now? They have all grown up and many you might...

Celebrities Share Their Pet Peeves

Everyone has things they hate and celebs are no exception. Have a look at what these famous people can't stand.

Childless: Celebrities Who’ve Never Had Kids

The majority of people grow up and have kids of their own. Some people never do. It could be because they make the choice not have children.

The ‘Full House’ Home Can Now Be Yours – You’ll Be AMAZED at the Interior

TV Lovers Whose Actors Made Love Real

You're a TV actor in Hollywood. You're THERE because you're young and hot. How do you make your living?